Policies & Legal

Equity Capital Markets

Our experienced team of traders provide services to our clients on both a principle and agency basis.  We take pride in helping create liquidity in less actively traded markets.  Alpine provides timely and efficient execution of transactions in Listed, Nasdaq, OTC Bulletin Board and Pink Sheet issues under the market maker ID ALPS.  Our trading activities include the execution of retail and institutional orders, Rule 144 transactions, block trades and corporate equity repurchases, all of which need expertise in this area.


SEC Compliance

SEC Rule 605

The following statement from the SEC explains the manner in which this monthly report shall be made available to the public:

“Procedures for making reports available to the public, in light of the large volume of data the monthly order execution reports necessarily will include, must be made available by market centers in electronic form rather than writing.”

The reports that comply with Rule 605 are available for download.

At this time, Alpine Securities is exempt, meaning it does not meet the requirements necessary to report for this time period and there will be no file.


SEC Rule 606

Rule 606 states that a broker-dealer must disclose any payment to or from another broker-dealer for order flow.  Also, a quantitative description of order routing must include the percentage of total customer orders for a particular section that were non-directed orders, and the percentages of total non-directed orders for a section that were market orders, limit orders, and other orders.

In accordance with Rule 606, Alpine Securities is disclosing the following information to the general public via our website (www.alpine-securities.com), upon request and will be included with statements once each year.   Alpine Securities will also provide information upon request from individual customers regarding their specific orders.

  1.  Alpine Securities DOES NOT receive payment for order flow on NYSE, NASDAQ, Options or any other exchanges.
  2.  Alpine Securities DOES NOT pay for order flow on NYSE, NASDAQ, Options or any other exchanges.
  3.  Securities listed on the NYSE, NASDAQ, Options, and other exchanges have been routed and can be viewed by following the link below.