Policies & Legal

Physical Certificate Deposit Policy

Alpine has the following policy regarding physical certificates.

 In the event of an account transfer to an outside firm any stock deposits sent to Alpine in physical form will be returned to the address of record on the account in physical form.  Returning stock in physical form may incur substantial fees; these fees are the responsibility of the account holder.  Alpine will not return the stock until all of these fees are paid.  Please note that the process of returning physical certificates might take a substantial amount of time.  The market value of the securities may fluctuate during that time.

By depositing stock with Alpine in physical form, the account holder agrees to hold Alpine harmless for, and waive any and all claims relating to, any loss in market value of the Security that occurs during the period associated with returning the shares in physical form.  A pre-existing written agreement between account holders and their brokerage firms regarding account transfers and physical certificates agreement may supersede this policy based on the discretion of the brokerage firm.